Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Day Two and Memories

Went back and tweaked the end of Joplinesque. So now it looks like I want it to.

Started to mess with Carnival of the Animals Finale. it has a way to go, but it will get there.

We also had a photographer from the Union Tribune come in today to shoot the dancers for an upcoming preview. I love how the dancers are so relaxed about it. We generally have a very relaxed atmosphere in rehearsal. So when we have visitors that doesn't change.

Today's Youtube delight is...

This is a dance from Deep In My Heart, featuring Cyd Charisse and James Mitchell. It is quite a nice dance and was choreographed by Eugene Loring. (Charisse's singing is dubbed, but that is of little importance.)

Loring was responsible for quite a few great dance numbers in the Golden Age of Hollywood musicals. And this one is plenty long. The reason I chose this particular dance isn't because of Loring though... or Charisse... or James Mitchell.

It is because when Loring choreographed this dance, he didn't do it on Charisse and Mitchell. He set it on his assistants at the time, who just happen to be my first dance teachers, Jack Tygett and his wife, Marjorie Baker (Marge.) Once the dance was finished, he showed it to Charisse for her approval. Jack T. and Marge then taught it to James and Cyd.

As much as the dance suits Charisse and Mitchell to a "T", I can see Jack and Marge all over it. Particularly in all of the twisty, turney, hingey lifts. That... and all of the smoldering looks. Although, I am sure that Jack and Marge would have had a bit of fun doing it.

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