Tuesday, February 05, 2008

First Day Back

Started up again with the dancers.

We restaged the finale of Joplinesque. I am happier with it. I have to do one final tweak to the corps girls. Tomorrow, I'll fix the second to the last number and all will be set with that.

We also started (and finished) a prologue for Romeo and Juliet. Had a little problem getting Pali to stand like a piece of Renaissance sculpture. He has such good posture, that getting the curvy S shape in his body is difficult.

As for our continuing "gems' from YouTube segment...

Here is a segment from the Eddie Cantor TV show. As silly as the number is (Its all about a "clean sweep!") there is some great dancing AND stylistically it is wonderful.


Shows like this generally rehearsed for a few days and were then shown live. No retakes. So that poor guy who drops his broom probably never thought it would come back to haunt him.

I LOVE the guy in this blues pas de deux. I didn't even notice that the female dancer was doing all this broom sweeping mime at the beginning. I was just watching the male dancer doing his great forward camel walks.

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