Thursday, January 24, 2008

Stairway to Paradise - Solo

This solo was also choreographed for inclusion at the In Studio performances in Spring of 07.

Like Jillian's dance in Joplinesque, it was taught to the whole company. And they all fell to the wayside, except for Kirsten Thorne and another dancer who was with us at the time, Atsuko Mihoura.

Originally, I didn't know whether this was going to be a solo for a guy or a girl. I think it could still be danced by a guy.

The problem with this piece was that (as has been mentioned) it hadn't been video taped. And unfortunately there were big hunks (about 50 percent) of choreography that Kirsten (nor I) simply could not remember.

So I had to rechoreograph, which is no big deal, except that I had liked the original. The original was also harder than the second version, but for some reason, the second version tired Kirsten out more.

I love this photo. It is such a transitional, blurry mess, but she looks so free in it. Like one of those gauzy pictures of Isadora Duncan's students.



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