Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Improvisation for the March of Time - Duet

The structure of this ballet is as follows...

1st soloist. Group dance. Duet girl and partner. Second soloist. Duet girl and second partner. 3rd soloist. 1st soloist dances with two men. Group Dance.

So after the introductory group dance, Abby comes back in with Askar.

The dance that they do is fairly acrobatic (as you can see.)

But Abby is always able to project a sense of calmness and precision in whatever position she finds herself.

Like the Rhinoceros dance in Carnival of the Animals, some of this dance was recycled from a performance with the Grossmont Symphony. But it suits this music, as well.

The new choreography highlighted a bouncy soubrette quality of Abby's, along with Askar's willingness to toss her over his shoulder over and over again.

The dance ended with a nice series of lifts on the diagonal. The final ending was a bit troublesome, as, musically, it just sort of petered off. We tried everything (a lift offstage, a pirouette, etc, etc).

Finally, we just sort of let the dance degrade and had the dancers meander off.

That worked best.



Blogger Luis said...

wow! I love art and dance, a big salutation from Spain!

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