Thursday, November 08, 2007

Back Again

Okay, I am back again.

So much has happened. Haven't had much time to get online. But I suppose I could also have been much more dilligent in signing on and writing SOMETHING.

In September, two of our dancers did a guest appearance with the San Diego Chamber Orchestra. They needed a waltzing couple to come out at the end the Blue Danube and swoop around the stage.

Then the ballet had a show with the Grossmont Orchestra. We performed a piece choreographed to Marquez' Danzon #2.

But the big thing that happened was that we had our Fall Rep show. Normally, we do a week long series of matinees for school kids and then a weekend of performances. Unfortunately, our school matinees were scheduled for the same week as the big fires in California.

As the schools were all canceled for the week. We had to postpone our shows.

We did however do the weekend shows. And thank you to the the loyal, stalwart patrons who came out to support us.

5 pieces were presented. Saturday night featured a more "adult" program and Sunday was geared to kids.

I don't know why but I can't upload photos right now. There were photos were taken at a rehearsal by Manny Rotenberg, which I will try to upload on the weekend.



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