Thursday, April 12, 2007

Safe Travels Trudy

I am back!

Needed to take a bit of time off. So I had an adventure (which I'll talk about in a couple of days).

But last night we had a send off to one of our dancers.

Trudy Cunningham came to us two years ago. Since that time she has been quietly dependable, no drama, hard working dancer. On stage, she has always given her best and made the most of every opportunity.

She was well respected by the staff and dancers alike.

So why is she leaving?

Well, sometimes there are other factors in a dancer's life apart from desire to perform. Personal lives. Physical ailments. Other job opportunities.

In Trudy's case, it is a mixture of a body that was telling her that perhaps it needed sometime off from the rigors of classical dance AND a proposal of marriage.

With much gratitude, love and wishes for as many cans of E-Z-Cheese as she can carry, we wish her well in her new life and will leave a candle in the window, in case she ever wants to make her way back to the San Diego Ballet.



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