Friday, June 28, 2013

June 28 2013

Daily Stuff: Had a meeting with my lighting designer for SUDS during the day at Clair de Lune. Went through the show and laid out a general rough skeleton for the cues.

Came back to the studio for a little moment. Mainly to answer my Facebook birthday wishes. Yes It is my Birthday.

So rather than post Don Juan, I am posting a piece that has informed my artistic sensibilities. This is a link to Other Dances with Baryshnikov and Makarova.
Who knows how long it will stay active. I don't have compunctions about posting it because it is not available on dvd or video.

I only saw it once when it was originally aired and both performances stayed with me. And both dancers became my standards for male and female ballet dancers. Makarova's ability to "talk" with developpes and enveloppes, and her slightly decadent port de bras in particular. Seeing it again I am struck by how (unlike many of todays dancer's) you never lose the impact of her face, neck an shoulders. She isn't just an instrument (as a lot of dancers seem to be today). She is primarily a PERSON who uses her body as an instrument.

Oh well, then had a second run through of SUDS at New Village Arts. My cast had a very nice little celebration for me and better yet, a wonderful run thru :)

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