Thursday, June 27, 2013

June 27 2013

A slightly different blog post today. Will pick up again with Don Juan on the 29th.

Daily Stuff: Went to see Man of Steel with Karen and Beverly today as an early birthday celebration.
I didn't have very high expectations as I had heard the early reviews. In a nutshell... Story was dull. The movie consisted of lots of fights (where plenty of innocent bystanders were in all probability smashed), lots of talking head exposition, and characters who you really could care less about. The plus side were slick special effects and an actor who was made to order to wear the Super suit. But the music was forgettable. And there was zero, I repeat zero sense of fun.
Compare that to the 1978 original. Pitch perfect Christopher Reeve as a "friend from another star." Easily digested action sequences where Superman actually saves people. And a full ten minutes of uninterrupted screen time devoted to Lois and Superman's first date. And a smile to the camera at the end.

A movie that made you feel good while you watched it. Not just like you endured something.

As for the rest of the day, SUDS run through in the evening. We got through the show pretty well. Good work was done.

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