Tuesday, January 01, 2013

January 1 2013

Rehearsal Stephanie Maiorano in Mambomania   Photography : Manny Rotenberg
Just a note about Mambomania. The opening section is set to the tune Patricia. because it was famously used in the "orgy" scene in Fellini's La Dolce Vita, I kind of patterned the women in the piece after Fellini types. The first female solo in the piece features a lot of hoping and jumping on pointe and is often a huge audience favorite. A fellow choreographer once told me that they felt that it was placed to early in the piece, as its a bit of a show stopper. I disagree. To me, it sets up the idea that ALL of what the audience is about to see is going to be exciting.
Rehearsal Mambomania   Photography : Manny Rotenberg

Daily Stuff : New Year's Day. Just me and the dog most of the day. I did go see Argo tonight. It was a good movie. Not life changing but good. I just wish that the lead had been played by a real Mexican American. I think it would have made a more interesting film.



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