Saturday, June 30, 2012

June 30 2012

Rehearsal for SDB's Guitar Concerto 2010. Photographer: Manny Rotenburg. During our summer hiatus, I decided to post some pics from the archives.

Daily Stuff - Zoot Suit rehearsal. Last morning rehearsal with the students today. Worked on lifts again and taught the basic movement for the Finale number. Did a little energy exercise with them as well.

Worked with Lakin and Maya, our romantic leads, to get them more comfortable with the first dance. Much of it was just allowing them to relax and enjoy the dancing, and the dancing with each other. I think we made some advances on that front.

Set a section where there is a general celebration when our protagonists are released from jail. Its set to a very Mexican piece of music. To my great luck, I had a few performers in the show who had a background in ballet folklorico, so I was able use it in the number. I was also lucky in that I had some great actors, like Catalina Maynard, who were able to play long dramatic moments.

Then I set the finale of the show which took a little while, but I think will be clean and effective.

Finally, I had another birthday week celebration when I took my parents to my favorite restaurant in Little Italy.... Davanti Enoteca. A good time was had by all.

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