Monday, November 14, 2011

Nov 28 2011

Rehearsal SDB Alice:Wonderland. Photographer: Manny Rotenberg. Dancer: Arielle Meads and friends. This is the Caterpillar section of the ballet. FYI, Alice is a ballet that was created as part of a longstanding relationship with Culture Shock San Diego, a hip hop dance crew. When Alice premiered a few years back, this dance was performed by the Jabbawockies, who have gone on to create quite a name for themselves.

Be it ever so humble... so glad to be home. As I get older, I have found that I travel less well than I used to. This mainly pops up in sinus headaches. Aggravated by going up and down in airplanes. And today I got a doozy, thanks to the non direct flight back from Billings. But after my self imposed exile under the covers, most of it seems to have disappeared. Still I will be a little fragile for the rest of the evening.

Well the truck got all packed, we got a nice review in the Billings Gazette, no Baby Mice were harmed, and all of the dancers returned safely home. Now for our local shows. We have tomorrow off, but I have to go take care of a special engagement. More about that tomorrow. Right now, I am going to crawl back under my blankets.

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