Monday, November 14, 2011

Nov 26 2011

Rehearsal SDB Alice:Wonderland. Photographer: Manny Rotenberg. Dancer: Stephanie Maiorano

Sitting in my laundry/dressing room in between our Final Dress and our first Nutcracker show in Billings. The dress went fine. A few minor mishaps, but nothing really reportable. A little backstage drama as well, but thats all straightened out. Had a lovely dinner with Abby and Rachel (our Snow Queen and Sugarplum Fairy). Complete with a Huckleberry Ice Cream Sandwich for dessert.

It should be a good show tonight. The orchestra plays a section of the party scene a bit faster than usual, but thats fine by me. It means I am onstage less. :)

Hope we will see a little snow by Monday, but I don't think its in the cards. Ah, well.

Yesterday, I was awoken by the howling winds. Today, it was the screaming baby in the hotel room next to mine at 4am. According to the hotel service, they checked out today. Lets hope so .

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