Monday, November 14, 2011

Nov 27 2011

Rehearsal SDB Alice:Wonderland. Photographer: Manny Rotenberg. Dancer: Arielle Meads

My last day in my laundry/dressing room among the super concentrated detergent and lemon polish. The Waltz of the Flowers is playing and I have about 12 minutes before I have to go onstage and finish the Nutcracker with a swirl of my cape.

Shows have gone well (knock electronic wood). Now we all need to pitch in to load up the truck, so it can be on the road bright and early tomorrow morning to get to San Diego by Tuesday night. Shows at North Park Theatre on the weekend. Along with our first school lecture demonstration of the season on Friday.

Ah well, I just heard the end of Flowers, now its the Pas de Deux. Gotta run upstairs as I have to cue the sheep and sugarbabes for their entrances.

If all goes well, I might just be able to see The Muppet movie tonight!

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