Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Nov 10 2011

Rehearsal for San Diego Ballet's Suite Italienne. Photo: Manny Rotenburg. Dancers: Scout Forsythe, Leah Nepomunceno, Mariko Domyo, Arielle Meads.

Ballet dancers always have a look of indeterminate age about them. The dancers in the photo range from 15 to 21, but you would be hard pressed to pick out who is who.

So yesterday we had a lovely event at Wine Steals, a sort of "Meet and Greet" or "Friendraiser", that's all development department lingo. Afterwards, I zipped off to see the end of a preview for the Trailer Park musical I choreographed at the Rep. Its in pretty good shape, if I say so myself, but will be happy when it has opened tomorrow.

Today was a fun day. Just rehearsals with the dancers for The Nutcracker, so we got to talk about how the Spanish dancers are really Chocolate Gypsies and the Reed Flutes have big smiles because they know that the stage is going to be covered with a bunch of 6 year old sheep and that there is a difference in the port de bras between the sugar coated flowers in Act Two and the light, airy snowflakes of Act One.

Onward in to the Holiday Season!

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