Saturday, October 31, 2009

Costume Issues

The Old Town photo shoot was interesting in that we found a lot of locations that didn't look like "typical" Old Town. Here is a set of pics in a "western" setting of Danika that show some of the unexpected "perils" of costuming.

Danika is wearing Titania's costume from our production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. I thought the vibrant color would make a nice contrast to the whites and browns of Old Town. I also thought that the costume matched Danika's temperament as a dancer. But as you can see in the next photo...
The empire line and open construction of the bodice made any kind of arching in the upper body a bit of a problem. The dancers body gets lost in a mass of fabric and she looks as if she is a bit wider than she actually is. In motion this is not a problem, as the costume just flattens back out, but in a picture I want to SEE the dancers body.


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