Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Nobody's Sweetheart

Shannon's dance takes place on the apron of the stage.

As she finishes, she rises and crosses upstage as a black drape opens (courtesy of me pulling it, Yes, I work on the crew as well, How's that for multi-tasking?) There are 2 guys and 3 girls already in position, as Shannon melds in.

Danced to Nobody's Sweetheart, this is basically just a mirror dance. The two girls and guy on stage left exactly mirror the two girls and guy on stage right. Step for Step.

For most of the dance, we see the guy dancing with one girl as the other girl does a solo (duet, remember the mirror). They come together briefly to form a trio (2 trios). Then the guy changes partners, so that his original partner is dancing alone and he is dancing with the first soloist. The number comes to an end shortly after that, as each couple runs off. Followed by the individual girls exiting.

When I gave the guys their costumes, I told them "You wear the ties as belts." They came back to me with the ties around their necks. Since Askar is from Kazakstan and Pali is from Hungary, sometimes there can be a little language problem. So I said...

"No, as belts."

Blank expressions.

"Around your waist."

Blank expressions.

"Like Fred Astaire."

Blank expressions.

"Just do it."

They couldn't fathom that someone would tie a tie around their waist.

Ah well.



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