Wednesday, June 05, 2013

June 5 2013

Don Juan in Tech Rehearsal February 2013. Photo: Manuel Rotenberg. Dancers: Chris Jovilar, Stephanie Maiorano, Joseph Hochschild. The pas de deux's turn into a trio, where the Don's "ideal woman" now dances with 2 men.
Don Juan in Tech Rehearsal February 2013. Photo: Manuel Rotenberg. Dancers: Chris Jovilar, Stephanie Maiorano, Joseph Hochschild. Most of this section is all about displaying the woman in slowly in a variety of tension filled poses.

Daily Stuff: Started by doing a final casting for SUDS at New Village Arts. We had fully cast the show, but had to wait until today to get everyone together. And once we did, we could make sure that  the mix was right as far as who was in each part, since all three of the girls could have played a variety of parts.
Final Cast Assignments
Rae/Marge - Sarah/Cindy - Bethany/Dee Dee

Then watched a dancer who was auditioning for the company. She was very nice, we shall see what happens :) Still one guy short.

The afternoon brought another rehearsal at the SCPA for In The Heights. Reviewed everything and started to learn some basic salsa dancing. Spotty attendance, but my stalwarts are there. Oh I did drop by The Barbeque Pit in National City on the way. BBQ sandwich and macaroni salad.

Teaching adult class tonight at SDSB.

As far as the latest installment of my Artistic Engagement Quest...
The Saturday after my "art" day, I attended the Animal Cracker Conspiracy's Adult Puppet Cabaret. I was intrigued partially because it was at space 4 art.
space 4 art's mission is to support creative centers where artists live, work, an interact with their community in an innovative and educational environment. As such they have both interior gallery space and an exterior space (complete with a Shakespearian type stage). I had heard about it but... never quite made it down. Well in my newfound quest, I made the effort.

Unfortunately, it is a couple of blocks from Padre stadium... and there was a game. So I had to park in an "interesting part" of town and take a "brisk" walk. The space was inviting and the show heartfelt. Saw some giant puppets (which gave me some ideas for Carnival of the Animals in the fall) and a large variety of puppetry.
Monkey and otter hand puppets that had "colorful" vocabularies (it is the ADULT Puppet Cabaret after all), shadow puppets both informative (where babies come from) and sweetly absurd (a whale and a cowboy's horse that float off into the sunset).

Also ran into Katie Haroff (our old Social Media co-ordinator), Nigel (from the SD Commission for Arts and Culture, and Brandi (whose installation I had seen on Thursday. Had an interesting talk with her, which I shall discuss tomorrow.

For more info on Animal Cracker Conspiracy go to

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