Saturday, March 09, 2013

March 9 2013

Don Juan in Tech Rehearsal February 2013. Photo: Manuel Rotenberg. Dancers: Stephanie Maiorano & Max Tchernychev. Pretty sure that this kiss was added by the dancers :)

Daily Stuff: Fairly easy day today. Set two preludes on Sarah today. Chronologically, they are the last two. 23 & 24. Very happy with the results. Afterwards, Sarah had some concerns that she wasn't quite getting what I wanted for the first solo. I told her not to worry. The Preludes are presented simply as the dancer's reaction to the pieces. None of the Preludes is more "important" than the others, so she doesn't need to feel the need to finish 'the whole ballet". Just dance her pieces. Also, the 24 Preludes are simply small pieces in each of the 24 keys. There is no deep connecting theme behind them. So she doesn't need to justify the immediate change from one to the other. Just dance to the piano.

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