Wednesday, March 06, 2013

March 6 2013

Don Juan in Tech Rehearsal February 2013. Photo: Manuel Rotenberg. Dancer: Stephanie Maiorano. The second of the Gypsy solos.

Daily Stuff: Reviewed the three solos from yesterday. The girls were pretty good about understanding the overlapping of the pieces. At the same time, Stephanie and Joe began to relearn their first section in the small studio.

Afterwards, I started working on the longest of the Preludes, number 15. It's 5 minutes plus, compared to the others which are generally 1 to 2. So I am choosing to set it as a group piece. It is very romantic, so it's filled with lots of bourees and port de bras. Did a nice chunk today, so should be able to finish it tomorrow.

First day with the kids from Dewey Elementary. So I had to stop working on the Preludes and work on Folk dances and Simon Says for 90 minutes. Chasse. Chasse. Chasse.

Then went back and set a solo on Matt. He will be doing two in a row, but I just wanted to work on one today. It comes right after Stephanie and Joe's very classical section. It has a very "modern" feel to it, but it is still romantic and lush. I want to make sure that the audience sees him as starting a different sensibility. Lots of over curves and under curves. And BIG movement. Had a nice talk about choices and phrasing. But the solo IS about ecstasy.

Taught an adult class tonight as well. One of the younger student from SDSB took it and afterwards we had a discussion about correct placement and thinking about keeping your supporting leg working, while your other leg is doing crazy things.

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