Thursday, February 14, 2013

February 14 2013

V-day is here! Clark/Rhett and Vivian/Scarlett, if you don't know the movie, then I have no words.

Daily Stuff: Opening of Don Juan tonight. So this morning, I had to make a pouch for Don Juan for the basket scene. I ended up making a no-sew pouch out of tan felt. Very crafty.
Then I had to work on the baskets for the fruit vendors. Hot glue, fake fruit, and gingham. More Craftyness.
Then outlined my shark and dolphin. Yea Sharpie!
And also had to go over the light cues with my lighting designer. I managed to get the number of the cues, but had to write my actual cue sheets during the show.
We also had sight line issues. So at the last moment, we put up some temporary masking.
But it all seemed to go fairly smoothly.

Huzzah! Tomorrow, we film it.



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