Tuesday, December 04, 2012

December 4, 2012

SDB Nutcracker 2011 Photo: Manny Rotenberg
Went over our lecture demo toady with the company. Tomorrow, we have our first LD at Coronado Elemntary. Pulled the costumes together and had to zip off to the costume storage to dig for some guys costumes. On the way I stopped at a newish deli that caught my eye... Rubicon Deli http://therubicondeli.com/
It was yummy. Go! Feed!
SDB Nutcracker 2011 Photo: Manny Rotenberg
Then taught the kiddies at Florence Elementary. They had a staff shortage so all the kids were crammed into the auditorium where I normally teach. So I had to make due in a classroom. It was fine. Was a bit more focused on the kids in a different way. Today they learned 4th position arms and 3rd position feet. And worked more on how to tell their right from their left.

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