Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November 28, 2012

SDB Nutcracker 2011 Photo: Manny Rotenberg
Put some girls in new places for the upcoming weekend performances. Started working on the Lecture Demonstratation. We have two in December. So all of the newbies got to learn the joy of the Lecture Barre, Going Across The Floor, Build A Ballet, etc.
The company seemed a bit down, so had a little heart to heart about expectations.
SDB Nutcracker 2011 Photo: Manny Rotenberg
Also attended a celebration for Victoria Hamilton's tenure at the Commission for Arts and Culture. So I got to see all of the old guard and familiar faces. Cheese trays and crabcrakes.
SDB Nutcracker 2011 Photo: Manny Rotenberg
Then had to go back to the studio to teach my adult ballet class. We did a little work on getting in touch with our core muscles to keep us up while balancing, as well as breaking down the difference between glissade, jete, and assemble.

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