Saturday, November 24, 2012

November 24, 2012

SDB Nutcracker 20112 Photo: Manny Rotenberg
Had our Montana Nutcracker dress rehearsal in the early afternoon. I had to run a clean up rehearsal with the toy soldiers before we started and managed to clear a few things up. The dress went pretty well and then off to a quick submarine sandwich at JJ's.
SDB Nutcracker 2011 Photo: Manny Rotenberg
The show itself was sold out. :)
1416 happy Billings residents attended.
SDB Nutcracker 2011 Photo: Manny Rotenberg
We had an errant sugarbabe (around 5 years old). She leads the line of 12 little ballerinas (also 5 years old) at the end of the show and keeps wanting to wander upstage towards the throne, instead of offstage. Between myself and the cavalier, we managed to get her pointed in the right direction.

Oh, well. Tomorrow we are supposed to have a whole new cast of kids. More excitement.

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