Sunday, October 11, 2009

On the Rocks

We had a lot of great evocative photos from Noriko's shoot at La Jolla Cove. In the end, I decided to go with the happier ones for her webpage. But here are a couple of the "moodier" ones.
These were shot at the sea wall that encloses the "Children's Pool", which we in San Diego have come to know as the Seal Pool, because of the seals and sealions which have taken it over (to the delight of many and the ire of a few). As a dancer, Noriko always brings a sense of drama to everything she does. So the whole windswept romantic tutu thing was something she could have fun with. It was also nice for her because she tends to be cast in powerful jumping roles. So it was a change of pace.
This photo has a lovely soft quality to it, thats the problem. It just wasn't specific enough to stand on its own in a group. By itself, it is nice. But in a group it just faded into the background. One note about the costume. This is a case of something that "photographs well," but maybe closeup doesn't look like much. It weighs next to nothing.


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