Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Carnival - Cats

More Carnival...

Our SDB birds are chased off by... Culture Shock Cats.

More hip hop :)
This time they mirror each other. Apart from a general idea as to what the piece is about, I generally leave the choreographic content of the hip hop pieces to the hip hop artists themselves. The Culture Shack felines seemed very house cat-like to me, so the SDB cats (to contrast) had more of a "jungle" feel.

A pas de deux for a sprightly tiger and a somewhat studly lion. The pieces were all joined together by brief verses (spoken by SDB actress Dana Hooley). In this case...

"Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright..."

As this was a rehearsal, Noriko is missing her tiger ears and Askar's costume is missing some fasteners, but you get the idea.

The piece of music used was a traditional version of the South African tune Mbune. A tune known to all Lounge music fans as Wimoweh. It is also know to non-Lounge fans as "The Lion Sleeps Tonight."

"In the jungle, the quiet jungle, the Lion sleeps tonight..."

I actually love that the Lion costume looks like pajamas (a theme we will see later as well), since the song is all about the Lion sleeping.

This was a VERY easy piece to choreograph. I had used a different version of the song in a very different ballet, "Exotica." Exotica was a very adult ballet (featuring a topless number and a martini glass as a backdrop) and the song was used as the finale. In Carnival, it is a very simple sweet little pas.

Little girl.
Big guy.
Lots of lifts.

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