Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Off to the Rockies

Okey Dokey. Tomorrow. we are off to Colorado Springs to perform the Nutcracker for the Thanksgiving weekend.

We have been going for a couple of years, so I have settled into a routine. We get there and I go off to have Thanksgiving dinner at The Ritz. It's not a swanky restaurant, its a local hangout. But they always have a complete Thanksgiving Dinner at a very reasonable price. 

After that I head over to the Peak, a independent movie house and catch whatever they are playing. This year it will be "Lars and the Real Girl." Which has gotten mostly good reviews, so that is great. 

Then I pretty much just keep to myself as much as possible, because I have to do something which I do not like doing... performing.

I have to play Herr Drosselmeyer in the show. And in the Nutcracker, that means half performing/half kid wrangler.

Ah well, will try to get out and see the scenery.

The "advance guard" tells me it is covered with snow. Time to pack the hats and mittens. When I get back in a few days, I'll talk about Carnival of the Animals.



Anonymous Trisha Roche said...

Hi Mr. Javier -

This is Trisha Roche one of your dancers from CVHS class of 95. I was going through old videos and found tapes from my senior dance concerts with the fan dance and Lion King. :-) I thought let me look up and see if I can see what Mr. Javier is up to 12 years later. :-) Found you and you seem to be doing great.

I'm great too and loving life. I treasure my CVHS dance memories, dance, the zoo with Mr. Javier, stretch class. :-) Great times!

Hope all is well with you!

11:35 AM  

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