Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hey There Lonely Boy

So today, we replaced Shannon. It was a bit sad but it was also nice to see how quickly the dancers were able to adapt to learning new parts. Rather than just give all of her stuff to one person, I split it up so that 3 dancers would have more opportunities. It also gives them less pressure to learn something new in a week. We were going to stage the dancew that is featured today, but that will happen tomorrow instead.

This dance features another lonely boy. The sonnet begins "When in disgrace with fortune and men's eyes..." As it goes on, the "beloved' comes in, as do many other couples. This dance has a Spanish flavor and features many lifts and tosses. Although there are two new dancers doing it this year, they have alot in common with the originators.

The girl is very small, which is important because the lifts must look effortless. She is really more of an apparition. During the dance, they don't smile as much as they are in this picture. I don't mind the dancers having fun during rehearsal. As a matter of fact, I want them to have as much fun as possible. Both in rehearsal and on stage.

I may re-work some of this number when I stage it tomorrow, as I think I want it to be a bit more passionate. Right now, it is very nice, but it is a bit smooth. It needs a bit more drama.

This picture makes me laugh. I look as if I am having an emotional breakdown. Which I never do in rehearsal. And in this particular case, the ending pose of this piece always made me chuckle. So why I look so angst ridden is beyond me. As I have looked at these rehearsal pics, I have come to realize that I am probably more emotive in rehearsals than I give myself credit for.



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