Tuesday, September 03, 2013

September 3 2013

Fred and Ginger in Roberta. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes.I have always liked this particular number (well I like most of their numbers). But this one has Rogers in an uncharacteristically dark dress. The pic is actually a bit more erotic than the dance itself. But the dance does have a particularly lovely assisted bouree in a backbend. No pic of 24 Preludes for at least a couple of days as my work computer is on the fritz.

Daily Stuff: AERO meeting today. So we had a nice talk about arts in education. I over slept, but luckily there were two meeting choices, morning and afternoon. So I made it to the afternoon.

Dropped by SDB. First day back for the school, so it was busy. Couldn't really stay and work because the 'puter is still in the shop.



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