Monday, February 18, 2013

February 17 & 18, 2013

Don Juan in Tech Rehearsal February 2013. Photo: Manuel Rotenberg. Dancers: Maxim Tchernychev & Stephanie Maiorano. One of the more impassioned moments for  the Gypsy pas de deux in Act One.

Daily Stuff: Final performance of Don Juan yesterday. Taught company class onstage. Then had to get the backstage ready. Oh, yes, I am stage managing this time around. So had to make sure all the props were in place and the cues were called at the right time. Everyone danced nicely. Thank you dancers. Very nice response form the audience during the show and afterwards.

The company hosted a group of Fullbright scholars, who all had great questions about the creative process. Also had a very nice woman, who was a transplanted New Yorker, comment about how she loved the intimacy of the show and setting. She and her mom enjoyed the show and her mom (who is into astrology) wanted to know what my sign was. For anyone interested, I'm a Cancer.

Thanks to all my friends who came out on the last night. Raul. Doug. Julie & Christine. Sue & Candye. And friends who came before. Holly. Dea. The SDSB parents and students who attended, and anyone I have forgotten.

Also thanks to Greg for coming out from Denver to help backstage.

Manny for the lovely rehearsal pics, which you will start to see on the blog.

Robin and Karen for keeping the company going. And our board members.

Today (the 18th) is a day off, which I will take gladly.



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