Friday, June 15, 2012

June 15 2012

Rehearsal for SDB's Firebird 2010. Photographer: Manny Rotenburg. During our summer hiatus, I decided to post some pics from the archives.

Daily Stuff -  Robin and Karen left this morning to go see Chelsy dance the lead in the NAtional Ballet of canada's production of Chroma. So I covered Robin's ballet class in the afternoon and both of Karen's jazz classes. The ballet class was nice as I had a live piano player (Natalia). I usually work with a cd, but Natalia was wonderful. Its nice to be able to speed up tempos as we do exercises or to have the dancers repeat without restarting the music.

The 2nd jazz class was also fun as I ended up giving the girls a master class in 60's fad dances. The Twist. The Pony. The Fly. The Jerk. Etc.

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