Sunday, June 10, 2012

June 10 2012

Rehearsal for SDB's Firebird 2010. Photographer: Manny Rotenburg. During our summer hiatus, I decided to post some pics from the archives.

Daily Stuff -  Went to visit my first dance teacher, Jack Tygett today. Had a very nice time with his wife Joyce and two friends from the old days, Pola Allen and Holly Simonette.

The San Diego School of Ballet had its end of year recital today at Coronado. Best wishes to all the students, whether it be their first time on stage or they are old pros. The students will be performing that piece that I choreographed for our fundraiser back in March, set to Simon and Garfunkel tunes.

Now, I have to write a speech for Robin to give to the County Board of Supervisiors tomorrow.

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