Sunday, January 15, 2012

Jan 15 2012

 Rehearsal for SDB's Romeo et Juliet. Photographer: Gregory Olive. Dancer: Leila Gardner. These are both reaction shots from the ball scene.
 Rehearsal for SDB's Romeo et Juliet. Photographer: Gregory Olive. Dancers: Noriko Zaragoza & Max Tchernychev. I love this shot because it literally captures what is just a millisecond of a moment in the ballet. Tybalt is about to get into a fight with Romeo, so Lady Capulet sends Juliet off and one of of Juliet's attendants rushes in to get Romeo out of harms way. Looking at the pic, you would think that Noriko was Juliet  herself because she looks so concerned. But she is really just Handmaiden #2.

Daily Stuff - Came back to rehearsal for the first time today. The company has learned quite a bit, but still a lot of clean-up to do. Mainly lots of getting enough "weight" into the movement. Also worked with Stephanie and Max on the pas they performed yesterday.  Fixed some lines and steps that were not quite clear on the video.

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