Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Three's Not A Crowd

So why do we now see an image of Chelsy and two guys, Ari and Pali. This is just an extension of the previous dance. The piece does not stop, but as the music flows into another melody, the dance changes form. You will notice that we are also looking at performance pics rather than rehearsal images. This is because this particular section was not performed at the rehearsal that the other pics were taken at.

Rather than be a group dance, we now have a brief pas de trois (which in ballet terminology for Dance for Three). Unlike a longer pas de trois that will appear in the second act, this one is all fun and frivolity. It spins out energetically from the group dance with both boys taking turns displaying the girl. In dips. And lifts. And in tandem.

All smiles.

Behind them a few of the girls run though and around them, like a nymphs or dryads. As if we are crowning the Queen of the Wine Festival. Or as if Chelsy is some minor league woodland demi-goddess with a couple of attentive shepards attendents.

Through out the dance both boys grab her under the arms as she jumps feet first into long daring slides across the stage.

At the end, they slide her toward the audience where she ends triumphantly with her arms raised decoriously.



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