Friday, March 09, 2007

The Little Delicate Pas De Deux

Today, we just reviewed and remounted more. No big news. So onto SONNETS.
After the before-mentioned group dance, 4 of the couples leave the stage, leaving the second couple that stepped onto the stage. Since Chelsy and Chris were going to do this pas de deux, I had them be the second couple onstage. The court music actually started on their entrance. So the audience could get some sort of idea of them being associated with this section. So now, we have a very delicate piece of music that is being played on an ancient instument that sounds like a harpsichord.

Now, Chelsy and Chris were put together because I wanted a very extreme lines, but I also needed a delicacy AND a sense of eroticism. So Chesly was a no brainer here. As our Sugar Fairy, she is used to the filigreed movement quality that that part requires. The pas de deux also has some floorwork in it. So I needed someone who could roll and unfurl on the floor and still make it look elegant.

Chris on the other hand is a bit of a puzzle. If he wishes to... he can look like the most beautiful spider. He can also look like a truck driver if he isn't careful. And sometimes, I like having a truckdriver onstage. In this case though, I wanted the spider. He has a huge armspan, like an albatross. Since the accompanying music is made up of nothing but slow falling arpeggios and runs on a keyboard, Chelsy basicaly does the same thing. Wrapping herself over and under and through the playground of Chris' wings.

The pas de deux is not particularly long. But that is okay as it has to hold a constant string of tension through out. And that is pretty much all there is to it. No subtext or developing story.

Just a beautiful sustained downward fall. Like a slow motion parachute.



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