Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Peruvian Pipes

Sonnets end of Act One.

The number that finishes Act One is broken into two pieces. The first is another dance for 5 couples, much like the beginning of the ballet, but some of the girls are different. This is a fairly tender piece. I was very dubious about the music I chose because even though it is a folk tune (Peruvian), the first section sounds like a commercial song. It has a very New Age-y orchestration, but I guess thats because New Age music sounds like some indigenous Peruvian band is playing it. The topper is that even though I used to cringe when I would hear it (I have gotten over that), all of the women who hear the music always comment on how beautiful and romantic it is. So I figured fine, let the audience speak.

The piece is constructed as a sort of follow up in waves. One couple. Next Couple. Next Couple. etc. All doing similar movement. As you can see from the image, dancers often have to get in very intimate positions. However, depending on the piece, this proximity often means nothing. As you can see from Abby's expression, she is less concerned about where Ryan is than making sure that she is retaining an attractive line with her arms and head.

Now, even if we don't have an optimum situation, we have to keep rehearsing. Here you can see that Chris' partner is missing. That doesn't mean that he doesn't need to rehearse. And sometimes it is good to rehearse without your partner. It forces you to think about what they are normally doing. While Ari and his partner, Damaris, look fairly composed in this image, they have actually just completed a fairly complicated twist lift. You can tell by the fact that her skirt is still in motion.

Halfway through this romantic reverie, a female soloist, Jillian, enters and dances among the couples. In many ways, she is a choreographic "cousin" to the girls who danced behind Chelsy, Pali and Ari. The difference being that rather than being a backround nymph, Jillian becomes the central figure when she enters and darts about the couples. Like Cupid's lover, Psyche, pointing out the couples in love.

Today at the ballet, we had a productive day cleaning things up. Rehearsal was short, because we have some people out with illness. Better everyone get sick this week than next.

Tomorrow, we will wrap up Act One.



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