Tuesday, October 31, 2006


My name is Javier Velasco and I am the artistic director of the San Diego Ballet.

I am writing this blog as an insight to our patrons or anyone who has an interest in the day to day running of a not-for-profit arts organization.

Additionally, I believe that the artistic process does not stop when one leaves the studio. So I will be also giving personal insights and views on daily occurances and experiences.

As we join my life...

The San Diego Ballet is in the midst of its 17th season.
We have just completed a series of annual performances at the Lyceum Theatre in Horton Plaza, San Diego. We do these in collaboration with...

Young Audiences of San Diego. The regional chapter of a national organization that brings art to students.


Culture Shock Dance Troup. A hip hop dance company run by my good friend (and sometime walking partner), Angie Bunch.

The centerpiece of these performances was a ballet. Alice:Wonderland. Alice combined hip hop and ballet to everything from film scores to rap music to classical music. I'll talk about that more in later posts.

Up next...

a special appearance with the San Diego Symphony and everybodies favorite... The Nutcracker!

Stay tuned!!!


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